What is Birth Photography

What is Birth Photography?

Birth Photography is capturing the miraculous journey of your baby arriving “earthside”.  Some might think, “why would I want photos of myself looking tired or exhausted, in pain, or in such a private and vulnerable state?”.  However, beauty comes in many forms.  The birthing woman is a beauty that’s innately strong, powerful, and courageous.  The love and determination it takes to birth a baby is what makes it so authentically beautiful and raw.  One of my desires as a Birth Photographer is to capture the fierce strength of the mother as she labors relentlessly to unite with her baby.  This does not necessarily mean only birthing naturally.   It could be the moments leading up to a c-section and the emotions that come with such an experience.  Furthermore, I’m after capturing moments like the first smiles, the tears of joy, the bonding between baby and parents, mom’s expression after the relief of labor, baby’s first moments in dad’s arms, and the deep love that surfaces during this beautiful and life changing experience.

Why hire a Birth Photographer?

The images a Birth Photographer captures is also about telling a story.  Through the waves of labor to the first moments your baby is placed in your arms, your birth story is preserved.  Having a professional photographer allows both the mother and father to be fully in the moment while documenting their journey together.  These precious moments come and go, yet capturing them through photos is a way they can be cherished forever.

What do birth photos look like?

You might be concerned with photos that could show nudity, breastfeeding, or areas of your body that you might now want photographed.  It is important for us to discuss together what your expectations and boundaries are for the photos.  Typically, a first thought for many people who have not heard of birth photography is, “oh, is she going to take a picture of the baby crowning?”.  This is not what birth photography is, so no, unless this is a direct request then I will in a respectful and non-intrusive manner.  Shots can be taken above the waist and at angles that are modest and tasteful.  Again, this is your birth experience and your journey.

Will these images be kept private?

Agreeing to be a part of my Birth Photography Portfolio means selected images, with your consent, will be posted on my website and social media accounts.  All other images will be kept private and shared only with the client.  It is the decision of the client to keep their photos private or to share with friends and family.   Images of their birth will be documented respectfully and with integrity.

Is Birth Photography for me?

Birth photography may not be for you and that is ok.  I fully respect the decisions of families who wish to keep their birth experience private.  However, for those who are new to birth photography, please consider what it’s really all about.  I am a professional and respect the wishes of the client.  This means, supporting birth experiences by staying out of the way, respecting the medical and birth professionals hired and respecting the mother’s choices when it comes to what she does or does not want photographed.  My role is to be an observer in the room.  I’m a professional who acts as a member of your birth team: doctor, nurse, midwife, or doula.  It is important to me that you feel comfortable with my presence in the room and feel supported.